Assignment 1 is due 1/28/22 1/31/22 on or before 11:59:59pm MST.

Part 1 (0 points)

Sign up for the course Piazza. It’s not worth points, but if you don’t you’ll miss out on important information.

Part 2 — Program Interaction Challenges (100 points)

For the majority of the assignments in this course, we will use the system created by Zardus (Yan Shoshitaishvili) and kanak (Connor Nelson).

Your goal is to solve a series of challenges, when you solve the challenge you get a flag, which you submit to prove that you solved the challenge (and get your points).

We’ll go over in class how to approach this system, so be sure to watch the recordings if you’re confused.

Note: When you create your account you’ll create a “User Name” that will be public to everyone. If you want to remain anonymous, then pick a random username that’s not associated with you.

First, create an account on

Once registered, you’ll get access to the Program Interaction challenges

There are 59 challenges (I know it seems scary, but they go quick and we’ll solve some together as a class).

Each challenge you solve is worth 2 points, for a maximum of 105 points (meaning you can earn up to 5% EC on this assignment by doing all the challenges). You’ll need to solve 50 challenges to get 100 points.

Helpful Tips

  1. Read the program output! The program gives you hints and will sometimes point you in the direction of places to look to progress.

  2. Always execute /challenge/interaction_levelX, not /challenge/

  3. When you go to the workspace (which is vscode in the browser), you’ll need to enable the terminal to access the terminal through the website.

Click on the upper left (the three lines) -> Terminal -> “New Terminal”.

This will open up a terminal in the browser that allows you to do everything from the browser.

Additional Resources

  • If you’re feeling like you don’t understand the command line, you can check out Yan’s video Linux Command Line (slides).

  • If you find good resources, please post them on piazza and we’ll update them here.