May 2nd 23:59pm Phoenix time


You will have 11 challenges (maybe 1 more). Each challenge is 12 points. This means that you will need to solve 9 challenge to get 100. Maximum of 120 points total with extra credit (for example, solve all 11, get 120/100 points)

Hint: just-execute-me is an easy one. Get it first!

Hint: rop-me is not fully covered in the class. You need to learn it by yourself. :)

Hint: l33t is the program you will need for those challenges who don’t run it. You won’t get your score if you don’t run l33t through your challenge or run l33t directly. Check which l33t and you will get the path.

How to start

You need to connect to server through a username that is likely your handle at (some hacker names needed to be changed).

We sent everyone an email with their username and password for the Final CTF.

You can either use the same ssh key in your CTF website (we copied it to the Final CTF server), or use the password sent to your email.

If you did not receive your username/password, please DM adamd on Discord with your midterm CTF username and email.

If you use your key, then:

ssh -i [your CTF ssh key] [username]

Useful commands for your CTF

  • Get your score: score | grep [yourname] or look at the full scoreboard: score
  • Browse challenges in their directory: ls -la /var/challenge

  • Execute a challenge: /var/challenge/just-execute-this/just-execute-this

  • Where is l33t:

    which l33t and it will tell you :)

  • Where is your home directory:

    cd ~ or cd /home/[your account]